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How do I know that HR Assist ME is the right consulting agency for me?

Are you a Small Business? Are you looking for HR Solutions, Payroll, Recruitment, Benefit Options & More? If so then we have a solution for you! We understand the challenges you face as a Small Business owner and unlike traditional options, we cater to the Small Business with great customer service and budget-friendly prices!

What's unique about HR Assist ME's payroll service?

It’s simple, online and affordable. Our payroll offering is completely online, saving time for both the employer and employees. You can process payroll with a few simple steps in just minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional payroll providers. the help they need quickly and easily.

What advantages does your payroll service offer my employees?

With our payroll service, employees are in control of viewing their compensation and benefits. For example, they don’t have to be in the office on payday. With direct deposit and our secure website, they can go online anywhere to print their pay stubs and review their complete payroll history.

Do I have to give up control of my payroll?

Absolutely not. In fact, you retain “hands-on” control of the major aspects running payroll, just without the hassles of executing every little detail. With HR Assist ME’s payroll service, you no longer have to spend time phoning or faxing in your payroll—you’re in control to run payroll when and where you want. However, we are here if you need us to complete your payroll for you while you take a vacation!

Some of my employees have direct deposit, but others prefer a paycheck every pay period. Can you handle both groups?

Certainly. You have the option of offering your employees a “paperless” pay stub via email and our secure website. Or if they prefer, you can print out a physical check and stub. HR Assist ME offers flexibility to both you and your employees.