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Recruitment & New Hire Services


People are your biggest asset and biggest expense!

Need help finding the RIGHT people for your team? Struggling to find candidates?

At HR Assist ME we have experienced staff to assist your business in finding the RIGHT people for your team. Let HR Assist ME recruiting for all your open positions, running Employment Ads, screening potential candidates and scheduling interviews for you!

No Time to Interview- No Problem! We got you covered!

We also complete the New Hire Processing with all your company’s paperwork to include a completed  Application, I-9 Verification, *Background Check and *Drug Screen!


Background Check

HR Assist ME we understand surprises happen but they don’t have to happen when hiring new staff! A proper background check will keep you informed and allow for you to find the perfect fit for your business. We offer an array of background screening options to all business needs. This is includes State, Federal checks as well as SLED check, Motor Vehicle Records, Sex Offender Registry and more!

* Discounts available for Background Screening if bundled with Recruitment Services.


Drug Screening

We know finding the RIGHT fit can be a challenge! Taking the time to properly screen your potential candidates is Key to your business success! We offer some simple solutions to Drug Screen your potential employees as well as any staff member that may have been injured on the job.  

* Discounts available for Drug Screening if bundled with Recruitment Services.

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